Fish Forever uses a community-driven process, anchored in behavior adoption principles and supported by scientific design to establish Managed Access with Reserve areas in coastal waters.

Managed Access delivers exclusive rights for local communities to fish in specific areas. The reserves provide effective protection of habitat, sustain fish populations, and replenish fishing grounds. Networks of Managed Access with Reserves balance protection with sustainable production for multi-species fisheries.

Recording how many people fish in coastal waters, how much fish is being caught and changes in the extent and quality of habitats are essential data to measure the status of the resources that underpin the wellbeing and resilience of coastal communities. 

This suite of tools will help you build local capacity, understand and assess fisheries, make the connection between ecological data and fisheries production, and learn how to use data to effectively manage your fisheries.

Introduction to the Portal

Watch our short video to find out more about the data portal, its features, data, dashboards, reports and more.

Learn what the data portal can do for you and how our tools can help you understand more about your fisheries and help enhance your ecosystems.

Fish Forever Essentials

Fish Forever is Rare’s community-led solution to revitalize coastal marine habitats, such as coral reefs, mangroves and seagrasses, protect biodiversity, and secure the livelihoods of fisher households and their communities. 

Learn more about the program with this short video.

Program Resources

Access guidance documents and training materials for your journey to sustainable fisheries and effective protection.

Tools & Data

Understand your fishery, ecosystems, and community with these interactive tools and use this information to make informed decisions.

Implementer Resources Library

At the Fish Forever Global Hub, we’re all about sharing knowledge and inspiring action.

Introducing the Implementer’s Resources Library, your go-to collection to establish and support community-led management of coastal resources. With our high-level guidance, facilitator’s guides, and engaging resources, you’ll have the tools to inspire change for people and nature to thrive. Ready to dive in? Just click and explore the awesome Implementer resources library!

Where We Work

See the countries and communities where Fish Forever currently works and collects data on ecosystem health and economic resilience. The global statistics below include both established and proposed managed access areas and reserves.