• CEBA Design Cheat Sheet

    The CEBA (Community Engagement and Behavior Adoption) Cheat Sheet is a simple way to start brainstorming and designing community engagement activities and materials using the Insight Starter Kit of SE (Superior Exchange); SD (Socially Desirable); and ED (Easily Done). To get the most out of this cheat sheet, check out […]

  • Event Documentation Guide

    A guide for documenting learning events that includes a session documentation template, an event evaluation template, note-taking tips, and a photo documentation guide.

  • Learning Design Worksheets

    These worksheets are designed to assist Fish Forever implementers in the application of the Fish Forever Learning Framework for learning design. Check out the Fish Forever Learning Framework Guide for more information on how to use these worksheets.

  • Coastal and Fisheries Profile Outline

    An outline for creating a Community Profiling Report. This document serves as guidance for implementers on how to write a Community Profiling Report, including the major report sections and the data needs. Designed for Fish Forever Philippines, but adaptable to other contexts.

  • Participatory Resource Profiling



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