Government decisions and priorities play a critical role in the management and protection of coastal ecosystems. With strong political will, capacity and social incentives, governments can sustain and scale interventions that help both coastal ecosystems and the communities who depend on them.

Fish Forever recognizes that in order to achieve and sustain this  mission, the right policy conditions and enabling environment should be in place. Building on the successful implementation on the ground and showing proof of concept and results, Fish Forever’s Policy, Governance and Partnership work is characterized by the following:

  • Multi – level policy approach Fish Forever coordinates policy linkages vertically across government levels and horizontally amongst government units and agencies.
  • Space for policy innovations  Fish Forever recognizes that there are multiple paths to achieve a policy objective and that there is an array of policy instruments available to achieve the most important policy work to support coastal ecosystems.  
  • Collaborative and participatory Fish Forever is a respected thought partner of governments and have worked with them and other stakeholders to ensure policies follow the principles of policy design, including transparent, participatory, evidence and science- based, and forward- looking.

Coastal500 is the largest global network of Mayors and local government leaders committed to work towards thriving and prosperous coastal communities. They are united on recovering and sustaining coastal seas, sharing best practices and key lessons worldwide. It aims to help all members achieve sustainable fisheries that build community prosperity while safeguarding the environment.

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We are joining local government leaders from around the world who seek to build healthy, prosperous and sustainable coastal communities.

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Learn more about what Coastal 500 members are doing to support sustainable small scale fisheries, coastal protection and climate resilience.

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