Coastal fishing communities are often remote, marginalized, and vulnerable to external shocks such as natural disasters, declining fishing productivity, and more. To increase and improve fisher household incomes and wellbeing and help communities better withstand outside shocks, use the set of tools below to address four essential aspects of financial and market inclusion.

Savings Clubs

Savings clubs help create a financial cushion in the face of uncertainty and external shocks and help strengthen trust among community members. In the long run, they help communities recover faster when the unexpected happens, reducing a need to overfish to make up for lost income.

Community Enterprises

Community enterprises will leverage Fish Forever’s savings club system to help improve local value chains while maintaining important social ties.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is critical to improving access to financial services and strengthening fishery management. These tools also place a special emphasis on teaching women skills to manage household budgets and run micro- and small businesses.

Value Chain Analysis (VCA)

Understand and assess fisher-buyer relationships to enhance the value fisheries provide for the fishers and the next level in the seafood value chain.