Traditional fisheries catch recording methods are often met with a lack of capacity to collate and analyze data, leading to backlogs and data dumping with little feedback to the community. This is a fundamental barrier to understanding a fishery and one which the OurFish app addresses simply and effectively. Data collected underpins decision-making, dramatically improving management efficacy and delivering new enforcement capabilities. Data allows communities to easily identify species that are targeted most frequently and monitor how these catches change over time helping to recommend the implementation of community-led management to re-focus attention on different areas and different species to allow those of highest pressure to recover.

Fish Forever uses the OurFish app to make recording and sharing catch data easy. Learn how to collect, analyze, interpret, and disseminate this data. This data is used to identify and define fishing activity, socioeconomic status, impact metrics, and more. The information underpins decision-making to strengthen the sustainable management of coastal fisheries and builds the pathway for fisher households to participate in the formal economy.

OurFish Ambassador Package

A manual for experienced users to guide others
  • FAQs and troubleshooting
  • How-to’s for key functions
  • Explanations of catch & financial data reports
  • Ideas to motivate and celebrate
  • Key messages on benefits for diverse audiences
  • Visit scheduler

Video Guide