Putting Strategy Into Action

Fish Forever’s program elements embody 10 critical areas of work required to attain community-based management for sustainable coastal fisheries. Provided below are resources to support program implementation of these work areas. High level guidance documents outline standard protocols and guidelines that can be used across countries.

The program implementation roadmap serves as a blueprint for global program implementation and the country-level resources provide specific training materials used across Fish Forever countries.

Global Program Implementation Resources

Global Guidance Documents

High level guidance to align in-country implementation

Implementer Resources

Guidelines to implement FF elements at specific points along the FF roadmap

Tools & Data

View data using our suite of tools to help make decisions to ensure protection of ecosystems

Program Implementation Roadmap

Our roadmap is a high-level blueprint for program implementation.  Phases are organized sequentially to reflect major program milestones.

Start Up
We bring partners together and agree on a shared vision
Profiling & Baselining
We understand the landscape and existing conditions
Community Engagement
We build buy-in and support, get others to collaborate
Setting Up Systems
We agree on the plan and how to manage fisheries
Enabling Success
We prepare the community to keep things going
Making it Last
We secure enabling environment to sustain gains

Behavior adoption is integrated throughout program implementation by…

Country Resources

Click on a flag to see the resources adapted and created to implement the Fish Forever program in each country.







Federated States of Micronesia