Putting Strategy Into Action

The Fish Forever Implementer Resources page is your go-to resource for information and tools to help attain community-led management for sustainable coastal fisheries. We understand the importance of having access to the right resources and guidance to make a difference.

Our library is designed to provide you with high-level guidance documents, standard protocols, and guidelines that can be used across different countries. By sharing knowledge and expertise, we can work together to dramatically change the way communities protect their coastal waters, and influence the way entire nations and regions manage their fisheries.

Implementer Resources Library

At the Hub, we believe in the power of sharing knowledge and expertise that inspires change for people and nature to thrive.

The Implementer’s Resources Library is a collection of tools created to bring the Fish Forever approach to life with consistency, clarity, and fun!

We’ve designed them for people like you, working alongside communities and partners to establish community-led, sustainable management of coastal resources.  Browse through high-level guidance, facilitator’s guides, introductory modules, and games; choose, mix, match and adapt those that best fit your context.

The Global Hub… Consistent, Clear, and Fun!

Welcome to the Global Hub for Collaboration and Learning, where the power of collective action comes to life. Established in 2018 to support the Fish Forever program, our Hub serves as a dynamic center for service, networking, and leadership. Engage with us and experience our secret recipe— a blend of cross-functional collaboration, behavioral insights, creative thinking, active participation, and user-centered design.

Together, let’s create a brighter future for our oceans across multiple geographies.

Claudia Quintanilla is the Vice President of the Global Hub for Collaboration and Learning; She leads a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to making program implementation consistent, clear, and enjoyable in every country where Fish Forever operates. In this video, Claudia shares her valuable insights on the challenges we encounter in sustaining effective small-scale fisheries management and Rare’s unique approach to empowering communities to protect and preserve their precious fisheries.