We’re building a movement for change

Fish Forever: Rare’s global program to transform how we protect and manage the world’s territorial seas.

Our Solution: Community-led management of coastal fisheries and ecosystems.

Our Work: Fish Forever revitalizes coastal marine habitats, such as coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrasses, protects biodiversity, and secures the livelihoods of fisher households and their communities. Together with partners and local leaders, we strengthen community-led fisheries management. We do this by using behavioral, social, and biological sciences, an area- and rights-based marine management approach, community engagement, data for decision-making, financial and market inclusion, blended finance, and enabling policies and regulations.

Our Impact: The work benefits people, nature, and the climate— helping to ensure a more sustainable food supply, improve social equity, and achieve greater resilience to external impacts like climate change.

The Fish Forever Model: A Network of Managed Access Areas with Reserves

Fish Forever uses a community-led, behavior-centered, and rights-based approach to managing territorial waters. Our approach anchors on a networked marine management system called Managed Access with Reserves (MA+R), which combines fully protected areas with sustainable use zones, networked at the right ecological and governance scale.