We’re building a movement for change

Fish Forever aims to dramatically change the way communities protect their coastal waters and influence the way entire nations and regions manage their fisheries.

We use an innovative approach to address coastal overfishing by empowering communities through clear rights, strong governance, local leadership, and participatory management. Ultimately, these efforts help regulate fishing activities and protect essential fish habitat.

Our work leads to more abundant marine life and healthier coastal habitats. The Fish Forever strategy helps ensure a more sustainable food supply, improves social equity, and achieves greater resilience to external impacts, especially those related to climate change.

Fish Forever is implemented through three programmatic
pillars with a connecting tenet of behavior adoption

Community-based Management

These pillars provide a guiding framework to enable effective community-based management of coastal fisheries in an ecosystem context. Key work areas across the pillars of this strategy, and their core purpose are summarized in the diagram below: