Understand your fishery & ecosystem

This suite of tools will help you identify changes in fisheries production, protect the ecosystems that support them, and ensure the wellbeing of the communities that depend on them. Use these data and guides to make informed decisions and effectively manage your fisheries.

Ecological Data

Evaluate ecosystem health

Fisheries Data

Assess fisheries production

Socioeconomic Data

Explore household survey findings

Effective Fisheries Management

Build local capacity to manage fisheries

Climate Change

Increase capacity to adapt to climate change

Networks of Marine Reserves

Design reserves for fisheries benefit

Impacts of Covid-19

To better understand the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic in coastal communities, Fish Forever conducted global surveys to assess perceptions, impacts & causes of disruption, coping strategies and recovery processes.

Use the links below to explore survey results in detail.

Data Manager

Footprint Data per Country

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Federated States of Micronesia