Fisheries production data is collected through the OurFish digital fisheries data collection app. The OurFish app allows buyers to self-report the types, quantities, and costs of fish purchased from community fishers. Buyer reporting will help reveal the size of the local market and provide data on the scale of harvest. The repeated collection of buyer data will provide data on seasonal variations and long-term trends, serving as an early warning system for fishery decline.

Fishers reporting through the app are registered through fisher registration. These linked systems help resource managers understand how many people fish in coastal waters and how much fish is being caught.

We also provide the Fisheries Management Assessment Tool (FISHMAT), a platform to assess small-scale fisheries, visualize data, and use adaptive management to achieve fishery goals.

The data presented below provide a summary of fishers, buyers, and catch records from the communities that are currently using the OurFish app.

Please cite data taken from the Fish Forever Data Portal by the dataset used and associated URL, for example:

Fish Forever (2021). OurFish Database. Rare. Accessed: [DATE] [URL]