Fish Forever Essentials

Climate change is taking its toll on the world’s ecosystems, fisheries, and the people that depend on them for their food and livelihoods. This is no truer than in the Asia Pacific region. Years of unsustainable fishing practices, poverty, and poor law enforcement have already damaged the coral reefs, mangrove forests, and seagrass beds that support coastal life and protect against climate change’s many effects (e.g., increasing waves, storms, and floods).  With climate change happening at an unprecedented pace, scientists predict that these habitats will worsen in the coming years, leaving marginalized, small-scale fishing communities and marine-dependent economies to bear the brunt of climate change impacts.

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Palau Footprint Data

Summarized below are data collected across all Fish Forever communities and managed access areas. In Palau, managed access areas are defined by state administrative boundaries.

Explore each area where Fish Forever works by selecting one or multiple subnational governments, local governments and managed access areas. The data are the sum of the selected areas.

Use the following links to view ecological data collected through field surveys, fisheries production data collected through our digital catch data collection app, OurFish, and socioeconomic data collected through household surveys.